The Project

“I Look Silly” is a whimsical photography series that includes over fifty unique, high-definition portraits of Ithaca locals wearing a classic Groucho Marx disguise. The project was created by visual artist Ryan McGuire to provide the Ithaca community an opportunity to participate in creating art. The portraits were enlarged over 5-feet wide by 3-feet tall and installed on 22 of the outside windows of the Tompkins County Public Library.

Meet the Artist

The Artist

Ryan McGuire is a multifaceted, whimsically creative visual artist, based in Ithaca, NY. Some of Ryan’s most recent creations include "The Mighty Balloon" (a pole bending balloon sculpture installed downtown Ithaca), the "Bananapillar" (a giant eight legged banana sculpture), and the "Dinocar" (a 1971 VW Beetle that was transformed into a roadworthy dinosaur.)

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Bells Design

The Sponsors

This installation was made possible with the support of these generous and amazing sponsors:

Mahogany Grill Deeply Devoted Massage Bells Design Hillel at Ithaca College ImagePress Diane Duthie Designs Lot 10


Ryan is always excited to receive positive feedback about his art.

(607) 222-5013